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Description: In the clay lathe of the master Antoni Majo, this traditional pitcher has been modeled. It also becomes modern and contemporary thanks to the striking yellow that decorates the upper part of this typical Catalan product. In Breda, famous village of pottery in Catalonia, has been born this earthen pitcher and thus become an essential element to refresh the water of your table.
You will not be able to resist the sinuous shapes of this item. A handle on the top and sides with a mouth to fill with water, and a drinking spout are unique and authentic features of this object. A traditional object with contemporary and striking style to give a unique and special touch to your home.
Details: It is recommended to place a small plate on the bottom of the pitcher due to its material. Clay is a porous material that transpires on the bottom of this vessel, slightly moistening the cylinder.

Tip: You can only store water, refrain from pouring other liquids.

Big model

Total weight: 1970g.
Measures: 30x18cm.
Shipping & Returns:

Free shipping to Spain mainland and Balearic Islands. Preparation time 1 week since your order's confirmation. Shipping by Correos Express (1-2 working days to Spain mainland,  2-10 working days acording to the zone for international shipments ).

Categorie(s): TABLEWARE / Pots & Pitchers

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