plat ovale bleu
plat vert
Safata ovalada nº2 2 colors
Safata ovalada nº2 detall vora


  • 18.00 €



Description: Oval clay tray perfect for serving a good whole salad or a good home cooked dish. This plate, available in two different colors, matches perfectly with any type of food. It is made in Breda (Girona) with great skill and love by Antoni Majó.

In Antoni's store you also find this product in two other sizes:
- 12 x 12 cm
- 31 x 12 cm
Details: Plate size 22 x 14 cm
Shipping & Returns:

Free shipping to Spain mainland and Balearic Islands. Preparation time 1 week since your order's confirmation. Shipping by Correos Express (1-2 working days to Spain mainland,  2-10 working days acording to the zone for international shipments ).

Categorie(s): TABLEWARE / Plates & Saladbowls

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